Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet sweet sweet~

Finally went out with dear again~ It had been exactly ONE MONTH after the last 1. LOL. Anyway, this date was much sweeter since we had solved our problems, some problems which really bothered us ever since we began. *claps*
It was a long date, from 10 am til 9.30 pm, but do not seems to be enough, since we barely meet. LOL. Anyway, it was just sweet~ ^^SS-ing in Kitschen. I love the hat though... Haha.

Love these 2 photos~

Routine... Sundae Choc from McD

Full House, pure white, super nice. A bit expensive though. Food was not bad, just the drinks... Taste like antibiotics. LOL.

Another problem here... When will be the next date? Hmmm...
Anyway, take this as the early celebration of our 1st year anniversary~ (Ignoring the days that we broke up... ^^)

Little present for dear...

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