Thursday, February 11, 2010


K, fine. Maybe I am really asking for too much. But, I just wanna spend some time and watch a movie with him or just walk around with him. Plus, the movie I wanna watch is the 2nd part of the 1st movie we watched together. It may be meaningless to every1 but its important for me. Perhaps, he din even know that...

And, we rarely meet and he did ask me to arrange some time so we can go out. Here I did, telling him a week or 2 beforehand that I may go out with him on Friday and he said OK... Who knows, he had to go for training and meet friends. That's not all, why can't he tell me that he had promised his friends??? Instead, he told me that he can only tell me today which is Thursday because of some reasons. WTH, since you edi knew that you had promised to meet your friends, then don't give me lame reasons.

Sometimes I really don't understand. We seldom have chance to meet and yet when we have, you need to care for your pride and ego. What am I? I know, you have your own point and I get it, but sacrificing that once for me can cause you to lose your pride forever???

Yea, she may be a bit over but that does not mean you need to scold her o sort of ask her to get out of the situation in such a way. Cant you say, "Tq for your effort but I hope I can solve it with her myself." Won't it sound much better? Why must make everything worse? Why must you break your promise again? Treating her better means cutting away your flesh? I don't understand. I love both of you and I hope you 2 can get along well, if she can't sacrifice, can you please just tolerate a bit? Just like how I tolerate you?

Seriously, I know I am wrong for not telling you my plans earlier. But you had already stressed that you dun wanna go. I tried to make you go but since you are standing so firmly, I gave up. I planned another way where we can meet and you can do your things. Maybe asking her to do the favor was a wrong choice, but why after I told you about my plans, your answer is you do not know how to face me? Why can't we just sit down and have a talk and solve the problem? Why can't you just let down your ego and come meet me to have a talk?

I am super tired and I do not know how long this will last. We can't be quarreling like this over and over again. I am going to the UK next year, long distance relationship with such unstable base will not last...

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to shop til my leg cramp, sing k til I lose my voice, watch movie and laugh til whole cinema hear me!!! ^^

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