Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I’d been very down these 2 days. I found out something and some other things happened. My ‘ability’ of thinking too much ‘contributed’ to my feelings too. I just felt unsecure and was wondering whether the same thing will happen to me. The super perfect timing is one of the reasons that make me think and feel that way. The another reason is I started to get serious but still have not fully get away from the extremely stupid thought that had been bothering me for months. I am just pathetic…

I am just too sensitive, even an insignificant incident can trigger my nerve and made me highly alert, thinking of the possible consequences or reasons that cause this. Is it really because I am too sensitive or I just cannot believe in anyone, not even myself? I made the choice and I still doubt whether it is a right choice. I just can’t be 100% sure, never once in my life. I only know that there are 2 distances that need me to overcome, a real distance and a virtual one. (Kambateh, Sophia! =P)

There is another thing that bothers me. Should I join the class trip??? I wanted to join but they will be going to Pulau Paya for snorkeling which I do not feel like going due to some reasons. If I go for the trip and do not join them for the snorkeling part, I may be left alone on Pulau Langkawi. If I do not go for the trip, then I will have no more chance to join them and I had already promised Nich that I will go. Gosh, how am I going to decide???!!!

Anyway, A2 final is finally here. I hope I can finish all the PYQs on time. I am still kinda blur with my FM Mechanics and Geometric Distribution. If I still can’t overcome all these problems, I will need to say Bye Bye to more than 40 marks. OMG… So, must really study hard this time. Can’t slack too much, been telling myself this but I do not think that I studied much these few days. At least, I did not touch my chemistry and physics PYQ these 2 weeks. =P

Good luck to every A-Levels student who will be sitting for exam starting from 13th of May until 12th of June. I wonder how Cambridge arranges the time table… My paper starts on 18th of May and ends on 8th of June, but only 7 days in that period of time are occupied with exams, and yet, they need to put Chem Paper 4 and Phy Paper 4 on the same day. Whatever, I can’t change it, so I can just take it. GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST!!!

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