Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kings, Queens and Slaves

When you are rich, you can buy everything, including people’s heart.

But, When you have nothing in your pocket, you are nothing?

You may be the king or queen when you are rich but you will have to wear a mask every day, looking for ways to maintain your ‘power’. But I really wonder who will actually respect you from the bottom of their heart. Yea, maybe there are some people who really feel that you are their god and cannot live a day without you but the rest of your ‘slaves’ are just putting on their own mask in front of you.

Speaking of ‘slaves’, you will need to accept a lot of criticism from people around you, who thinks that they are some super close friends with the king and queen. Their criticism may be true and sincere, but most of them were just crap and rubbish. They do not actually process their words with brain before saying it out loud. Can all these people think before they speak? At least learn how to respect others, even if they are not as ‘sacred’ as your king and queen.

The world is just so cruel that the opinions and suggestions of slaves do not worth even a penny. A word to the kings and queens: Do not ask for others’ opinion when you are not going to consider what they suggested. ‘Cos it really hurts. Slaves have feelings too…

I’ve met a lot of kings and queens before, they might not treat you as a slave in front of people, but you are definitely their slave when they do not need your help to show how popular they are. Kings and queens may always show how much they have done for others but who knows how many % of their ‘effort’ origin from their sincere heart, if they have one…

I may be fake in some circumstances but I am pretty confident that I am far from being a queen. Maybe someone will be objecting this statement, but who cares? I am sure that I am almost immune with all these crap that have been bombarding me for years, continuously.

--You may not be important in king’s and queen’s eye, but you are important to someone that knows how to appreciate you. This is more than enough. - -


  1. HEAR, HEAR!!
    This post is FANTASTIC!

    even if you are a person without money (CHOI!) or power, I'll love you from the bottom of my very very sincere heart!

    Haha, i no need to say also you know de la, rite?


  2. Of course I know, can feel it de. =P
    I love you very much too!!!