Saturday, May 30, 2009


I should have be prepared for this explosion,

It is something that you can't avoid,

When you are getting over the boundary,

Perhaps, this bomb is like a tilt fuse or a mercury tilt switch,

A force of jerk causes the tilt fuse to tilt more,

And the mercury will slide down,

Closing the electric circuit on the other end of the tube,

Detonating the bomb.

Now, tears act as the fire extinguisher,

Putting out the fire,


When I search among the debris after the explosion,

I realized that only LOVE survive,

Enduring the small but painful wound,

Feeling of missing him is badly injured,

So does the confident we had...

Luckily, they do survive.

Helping to rebuild everything,

Hope that there will not be such an explosion,

Triggered by some tiny issues anymore

Though its 100% impossible.

Anyway, sorry for tilting the fuse.



Mercury switches consist of one or more sets of electrical contacts in a sealed glass envelope which contains a bead of mercury. The envelope may also contain air, an inert gas, or a vacuum. Gravity is constantly pulling the drop of mercury to the lowest point in the envelope. When the switch is tilted in the appropriate direction, the mercury touches a set of contacts, thus completing the electrical circuit through those contacts. Tilting the switch the opposite direction causes the mercury to move away from that set of contacts, thus breaking that circuit. (Wikipedia)

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