Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thank You

Even though I had been through times when I lost hope in some people, times of heart-break and felt like being left out, I really feel blissful to have a some friends who really loves me.

Even if we do not chat much, did not keep in contact for some time, I will still be remembered and things never feels awkward when we met. I will not forget how they lent me a helping hand when I was down, will not forget all the advice they gave me when I am being emotional, will not forget what we gossiped, will not forget all the moments we spent together.

Friends like you will be kept by my side forever. All the people I call dear, I call darling, I call sis, I call gor~ Really, thank you for being in my life.

Sometimes, I might feel lonely seeing people hanging out with a big bunch of friends, but seriously, among all those friends, how many can they share their secrets and problems with? Thinking of this, I really feel lucky to have all my dears and darlings to listen to my problems and secrets, all my gor and sis to understand my feelings. Thank You~

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Chiam Shien Yin: You better go on9 everyday and tell me when you have any problems, I will be troubling you with my problems even if you are in UK!

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  1. hello darling!!=) okay no problem!! you dont run away when i cry ok?? =)=)=) i'll be there for you too!^^