Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My new temporary hse... ^^

Finally checked in to my 'new house'. LOL. The hostel is not as bad as what I expected. Kinda spacious. Hehe.

But, probs started coming since then. Keen not driving though I thought he will, so need to walk 800m everyday to campus. Hmmm... Good exe though. Haha. Then, I just realized that only me n Peng checked in, oh n btw, Peng is my room mate~~~ Hahaha~ Anyway, our parents were kinda worried bout our safety since there might only be 2 of us in the BANGLO (a not so big 1). Scary wei~~~ T.T

So, her dad came up with this plan, which is to rent a condo in Sg. Long, dunno where it is, but will take us 20 mins to reach campus. My parents rejected that offer and called the accomodation office and complained. Dad complained that they did not follow the agreement and things don't turn up like what they told us, which is the house will be occupied by 6 students. Of course, they apologised and explained. They told us that the house is fully occupied, just that those tenants will checked in on the registration day itself. So, if they did not check in as expected, we will be transferred into the on campus hostel until the house is fully occupied. So, prob is half solved. LOL. But still, I hope I can get the on campus hostel lo, since Yee will be stayin there and it will be much more convenient, but I wanna stay with Peng oso le, plus everything is being moved in d. Hmmm.... Dillema. LOL.

Anyway, here's a part of my new room, but b4 we shifted our furnitures. Will update and show u all my NEW room. Hehe. Will be sleeping together with Peng~ Wee~~~ ^^

The room

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