Thursday, September 17, 2009


When loving your another half becomes a habit, its not love anymore.

This reminds me of drinking wine. I used to be afraid of drinking wine, scared that I will hate the bitter taste. Then, I was kinda encouraged by some1 to try and the first sip is as expected, bitter. The next few sips got better and better. I did once fall in love with wine, missing it though I was underage. LOL. Then whenever I had the chance, I will just have a glass of wine to refresh the taste. However, it started to become a habit, I do not really love the taste anymore, but just as a habit, miss it and love it.

The love between me and you is like this, becoming a habit. Love do not really exist anymore. Feelings is gone, unable to search back. I tried, and it did came back that time, but it won't stay long. It left after 5 mins you slept on my lap, it felt sweet but just weird. I wanted to love you more, but the feelings is edi saturated. I can't increase it nor find it.

Perhaps, becoming a habit is only one of the reasons. Disappointment is another. Tried to wait for you to pick up my pace, but sorry, i am really too fast. If its not 2 person working together towards the future, but just one person leading, I find it meaningless. I know you had tried, you put in lotsa efforts, you really sacrificed a lot. I became really greedy, really realistic and have a bigger plan for future. Though those plans may not suceed, at this moment, I still believe it will someday. And that is why I don't wanna wait.

I am just sorry... Thanks for all the memories, I will never ever forget them. They will always be with me til the day I die. Sarcastically, last date before going to nott is the last date. Anyway, no1 can really take over the place you owned in my heart, except for my destinied 1. TQ for existing and company me through this 8 months... BBBBFF...

The blog, just leave it k...

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