Friday, November 13, 2009

Life in Nott

I am finally back~~~ Had been super busy for these 2 months, and I am still extremely busy. LOL. Busy with Mocks, MRs, reports, microbiology, phys pharm and pharmaceutics, so basically, the whole course.

However, I am enjoying my life here. A lot of freedom~ Can sleep anytime I want... Though will still have home sick. (Shouldn't be, get to go home every friday le...)

Anyway, life will definitely have some problems such as being betrayed or boycotted. LOL. Betrayal... Hmmm... Should not say much here. Just, very disappointed. However, looking into the bright side, I should say THANK YOU for letting me learn my lesson. THANK YOU for letting me know that I should never ever trust a friend, friend can seriously turn out to be a good actor who is so bloody extremely self-centered. Sophia, just get over it~

Boycott... Not really, just feel little isolated and got some not-so-friendly coursemate. Perhaps, people do not think that they need to smile, talk or even just say hi to you. But I seriously hate these type of people. Come on la, you may be excellent in your studies, you maybe a JPA student, you may be rich, SO WHAT? What on earth makes people think that they should only mix with HIGH STANDARD people? I seriously feel like stopping those people down and ask them 1 by 1. Why the hell you guys treat me like a patient carrying fatal virus or bacteria?

Anyway, I have my own friends now, at least they will help me and we are totally happy with our lives now. You guys just go on with your GLAMOROUS life~ Life is always full of hi-and-bye friends whom we may need someday. So just stick with such a relationship and interaction when we are all happy and comfortable with it. *cheers*

Good luck to all Pharm Yr 1 in Mocks~ ^^

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