Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Doing MPharm in Uni of Nottingham(M'sia)!!!

Final decision is finally made!!! *CHEER*

Will be doing my MPharm in University of Nottingham MALAYSIA CAMPUS, but 2+2... ^^

Since the campus is in Semenyih, which is around 50km from my house, I am FORCED TO stay in the hostel.

I'd been through some troubles looking for rooms, first choice was a single room with en suited bathroom in the campus but all the rooms were FULLY BOOKED (WTH???!!!), and they offer me this crap room, a twin sharing room which is sooooo bloody small and the bathroom is a disaster.

Then I am forced to apply for off campus hostel. I applied for a twin sharing master bedroom in TTS5. I also realized that I can actually rent a house with friends, so I asked for help from my friend who gave me some details on the houses that can be rent. After discussing with my friends, my dad decided to call this guy, Brandon who is in charge of all these house renting stuffs. He arranged for a meet up with the house owner's FRIEND who is helping the owner to take care of the house. LOL. I was kinda pissed off when we purposely traveled to Kepong to meet this lady and she told us that the current tenants of the house will only move out in Oct. So, the house is unavailable for viewing til Oct while I need to move in before 24th of Sept.

So, we had to ask Brandon to look for another house, preferably the WIFI precinct in TTS 4. However, I found out that TTS 4 is quite far from the campus and it will take 10-15 mins to walk there and its quite expensive. So, I called the accomodation office, asking them who will be my room mate. Surprisingly, the lady told me that I will be sharing with Pek Peng. COOL~~~ So, I made my decision straight away. I will just take that room and stop looking for houses. HOWEVER, whe I called the office again for reconfirmation, they told me that they cannot disclose any information to me. So, my room mate may not be Peng. T.T Anyway, the only thing I can hope for now is I can share the room with Peng. PRAYING HARD~~~~

P/S: Sorry to all my darlings for not contacting you or replying your msg these few days. Been kinda busy with all these stuffs and marking student's hw and exam papers. SORRIE~~~ T.T

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