Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear's 19th Birthday

Happy 19th Birthday Dear!!!

1st Bday celebration with him as gf. Hehe. Though not reli a celebration la, just walk around in Pyramid n went for lunch, dinner and movie. LOL.

In MCD having Sundae Choc

Cappucino Cheese Cake

Outside Pyramid. But main pt is the T-Shirt. HAHAHA. His Bday present from me. Only 1 on this Earth. HAHAHA!!!


The design!!! Call me designer even if it may not be very nice. HAHAHA~ I used my heart to draw de le...

The notebook aka diary. Wrote many things inside, though only 1/3 of the book. I used a few weeks to write and tat pig used 1 hr to read. T.T

Anyway, Happy Birthday Dear!!! Hope you really love the present la. And PLS TAKE GOOD CARE~~~

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