Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Plans for the coming 6 months.

OMG OMG OMG!!! I finally finished my one and a half yr A-Levels course!!!

I am sooooooo happy now, no more suffering and stressing out. (for half a year only la, but still its a vyvyvy long holiday right?)

I guess I am so gonna miss all my friends. Most of them are not stayin here after A-Levels, all going to the UK, Singapore and Australia. Guys to Singapore for engineering and girls to the UK for actuarial science and those econs-related courses. They will require Further Maths for their course, but I am going for Pharmacy which do not need Further Maths. So means, I take Further Maths just for the sake of taking and trying out... Nvm la, I love FM so still, its FUN!!!

Now, I will need to plan how to fully utilize my looooooong holidays. What can I do???

1. Slack at home.

2. Learn how to cook. I can't be cooking maggi and making sandwich only lo... So, gonna force my parents to teach me how to cook. At least my dad agreed and gave me full support. Hope I won't mess up the whole kitchen, I won't let dear's curse comes true. =P

3. Read manga.

4. Hmmm... Perhaps, watch dramas? I had only watched a few dramas since last year, made me feel so outdated...

5. Working??? Becoming a tutor and piano teacher will be a very good option but I am very lazy and I need a car!!!

6. Becoming cousins' tutor--- A MUST!!! Been promising them since last year...

7. I wanna go swimming everyday!!! My membership is going to expire soon, so hafta use their facility to the max. But too bad, mom will say:" I am busy." T.T

8. Study??? Pick up some Bio stuffs so that I will not need to be so stressed after starting the course. Can't change my kiasu character...

9. Making decisions. Which Uni shud I go??? IMU or Monash? IMU will be 2+2 or 2.5+1, Monash will be 4 yrs in M'sia. Hmmm... Headache la...

10. Go out with friends. Must spend some time with them before they leave. Must meet up with ex-CHSians, Miss them soooooo much. Did not see Lynn and Chiamy for mths d la. So, no matter how, must force them out.

11. Gonna plan how to celebrate my b'day, though there is still a month b4 my b'day. Haha. Asked Yee to stay over my hse durin my b'day week so that we can celebrate. I want a special birthday this year!!!

There are so many things to do wei... But now, I am VERY BORED!!! SIEN... I want to go out with friends and dear!!!

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