Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, my favourite festive season of the year! New clothes, new bed sheet, new earrings, new watch (Yes! Got my love!), new furniture and new Semester (I hate this tho)!

Had been taking out my video cam out this CNY... I will not be around for CNY next 2 years. Seriously need something to store my memories. And a disaster for the year. Camera malfunction on the reunion night. WTF! Need to send it for repair. >< Luckily I still have my dear N97, which sometimes will turn me down. But its behaving these few days~ XOXO.

Spent reunion night and first day of CNY with dad's family. Had steamboat as usual, our family tradition. =p Then, another tradition: CLUBBING with COUSINS! Went to @live and it was an awesome night, ignoring some stupid people pushing through the crowds and even using their elbow to defend themselves, hurting others and the cigarette smoke which is always too much for me and I hated it soooo much! If its not of the music and dancing and liquor, I will never go club! =p Anyway, @live is worth going and the live band is amazing. Pretty + Handsome + nice voice+ great dance!

2nd day, had lunch with relatives and played cards with parents, then off to Malacca A'Famosa! I actually got dad to travel all the way down there at 5.30 pm, reaching at 7 and left at 11 plus! Crazy but worth it! Met up with most of my mum's side cousins, had BBQ, "Ngau" and FIREWORKS! Uncle actually lighted the fireworks earlier than his plan for me! *touched*

Anyway, had great memories these 2 days but I cried a few times. Will not be able to celebrate CNY in Msia for 2 years at least. I hate this feeling~ ><

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