Tuesday, August 16, 2011

23 days

I am back on my blog once again! Being loved too much and hence have nothing negative to post about here, so I disappeared for quite some time. However, coming back here does not mean I am being emotionally down again. Just suddenly miss blogging.

Throughout my 20 years of life, I've never felt this loved before. I always thought that no one will love me like how my parents did or no one can stand my hot temper. And yet, I found some one who really love me for who I am and I am glad that things are still going on well with him. People might say we are clingy but we love it this way, seeing each other everyday still do not seem enough. But we will really need to get used to not being with each other every moment soon.

Another 23 days until I leave for the UK. Things may be tough for me over there, being alone and constantly missing home and love. I know it will be more tough for my love ones, being in the same place but without me there cooking for them, company them for dramas and talking to them. But I know all of us will be tough and can go through this big challenge. I just hope things will be better when I got back home, with me being more mature and our love can grow even deeper and stronger.

It is time to work hard for my future and my love ones. I will not give up no matter how hard this can be, Promise.

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  1. Baby I promise you to use every strength and breath I have to work this out with you and will never stop to!!Promise!!*winks* I love u bi!!muaxxxx <3